From Ag to Zn

Here you can find brief descriptions of the history, physical properties and main active applications of the metals used by our various Business Units.

Co Cobalt
Ni Nickel
Cu Copper
Ga Gallium
Ge Germanium
As Arsenic
Se Selenium
Ru Ruthenium
Rh Rhodium
Pd Palladium
Ag Silver
In Indium
Sn Tin
Sb Antimony
Te Tellurium
Ta Tantalum
W Tungsten
Re Rhenium
Ir Iridium
Pt Platinum
Au Gold
Pb Lead
Bi Bismuth
La Lanthanum
Ce Cerium
Pr Praseodymium
Nd Neodymium

Element photography (c) 2014 Theodore Gray

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