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Materials Stewardship Manager

Belgium, Hoboken

Precious Metals Refining

EHS/Quality, Legal, Product Management

Job description

In this position you manage the interests of UPMR related to all legal, environmental and health aspects of raw materials, waste, intermediates, chemical agents and end products of the UPMR processes.



  • You develop and deploy an UPMR policy in line with the Umicore Way and the group EHS policy, on substance risk management, according to the relevant legislation and in consultation with the UPMR Management Team.
  • You keep up with all relevant legislation concerning REACh (Registration, evaluation and authorization of Chemicals), CLP (Classification, Packaging and Labelling), waste management and waste classification including the blast furnace slags, legislation on carcinogenic substances, etc.
  • You discuss with Umicore R&D the scientific aspects and evolution of the evaluation of environmental and human risks of substances.
  • You assist the Corporate EHS Team in drawing up MSDS’s and labels for all UPMR substances and if necessary with UPMR suppliers.
  • You actively participate in international (metal) consortia in order to comply with legislation, to lobby for realistic legislation, to debate on the interpretation and implementation of new legislation and organise new scientific testing and research.
  • You implement the product and substance risk management policy and you instruct managers within UPMR (Commercial, Environmental, Logistic, Medical, …) on legal requirements, scientific understanding and precautionary procedures, and labelling and packaging.
  • You draw up the necessary files asked for in the REACh consortia and the chemical safety reports for internal use.
  • You implement and control the waste management policy of the Hoboken site of UPMR and you constitute files to obtain a “product declaration” by OVAM for incoming raw materials and for the blast furnace slags.
  • You check on procedure execution, report on progress and changes in legislation and manage the concerned budgets.


  • You have a master’s degree in a technical or scientific discipline with a relevant professional experience.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of the processes and substances within UPMR.
  • You are familiar with the applicable law (e.g. REACh, CLP, waste and waste classification, …) and the legal procedures.
  • You are fluent in Dutch, English and French.
  • You are a convincing communicator, able to negotiate and defend Umicore views in international (metal) consortia.
  • You are an active networker, within and outside of Umicore.
  • You have an analytical mind, and a sound problem judgment.
  • You are eager to develop your knowledge and skills and share with your colleagues.
  • You are well organized, persistent, pragmatic and result driven.

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