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Stage / Masterproef in de Chemie, Procestechnologie, Materiaalkunde, ...

Belgium, Olen

Group R&D

Research & Development

Job description

Beschrijving Stage

Our department

Group R&D regularly offers traineeship positions for master students in chemistry, process technology, materials science, etc. Approximately 300 employees work for Group R&D. 
In addition to ACC (Analytical Competence Center), which has its own opening for trainees, Group R&D is composed of 2 main platforms with their own specific areas of research.

These platforms are:

  • Recycling and Extraction Technology (RET): This department does research on new materials and technologies in the recycling field. They develop and improve existing production processes for the recycling and separation of metals (hydro- and pyrometallurgy).
  • Functional Materials (FM): This department develops new materials (primarily powders) via a range of methods (dry and wet chemistry, dispersion and formulation, physical metallurgy) for various applications e.g. lithium-ion batteries, catalysts, solders, etc.

What will you be doing?


You will work in Group R&D together with an experienced project technician/operator. In this way you will become acquainted with the working field and learn to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired from your education in practice.
You will be assigned your own project which you can implement with the following resources:

  • Lab work under supervision / monitoring, implementation and completion of experiments
  • Learning to work independently with the technology / equipment necessary for conducting the experiments  
  • Interpreting and reporting on data (in writing and orally)
  • Writing a report (= traineeship thesis)

What we expect from you

  • A technical basis (master level) is required. Knowledge of chemistry, process technology, materials science (depending on the subject) is a plus.

What do we offer you?

  • An opportunity to gather practical experience in the research department of an international company.
  • Room for your ideas and input
  • Good supervision

Period and duration

Traineeships last an average of three to 12 months. During the traineeship, the student will learn to work independently and gain experience in a work environment with the obligatory safety, confidentiality, health, environmental and quality regulations.


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