Analyst research and consensus

Broker Analyst Current Recommendation Date
ABN AMRO Mutlu Gundogan Buy 01/08/2017
Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Stephanie Bothwell Underperform 22/09/2017
Barclays Alex Stewart Underweight 10/11/2017
Berenberg Sebastian Bray Hold 31/10/2017
Bernstein Jeremy Redenius Outperform 02/10/2017
Citigroup Andrew Benson Neutral 16/10/2017
Credit Suisse Mathew Waugh Neutral 01/08/2017
Degroof Petercam Nathalie Debruyne Buy 31/07/2017
Deutsche Bank Tim Jones Hold 01/12/2017
Equita SIM Massimo Bonisoli Buy 31/10/2017
Evercore ISI Laurent Favre Underperform 17/10/2017
Exane BNP Paribas James Knight Neutral 31/07/2017
ING Stijn Demeester Hold 23/10/2017
Investec Marc Elliott Sell 31/07/2017
JP Morgan Martin Evans Neutral 21/08/2017
KBC Securities Wim Hoste Accumulate 23/11/2017
Kempen & Co Henk Veerman Sell 31/07/2017
Kepler Cheuvreux Peter Olofsen Buy 16/10/2017
Liberum Adam Collins Buy 27/11/2017
Morgan Stanley Paul Walsh Underweight 3/11/2017
Redburn Partners Ranulf Orr Neutral 14/12/2017
UBS Geoff Haire Buy 26/09/2017

Umicore is covered by various financial analysts, who provide their own research analyses and earnings estimates in respect of the company, independently from Umicore.

The company has contacted Vara Research to collect the consensus analysis, based on the estimates of all the participating financial analysts. The consensus can be found by clicking on the link below. Any opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections or predictions regarding Umicore’s performance made by financial analysts (and therefore also the consensus estimate numbers) are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions, estimates, projections or predictions of Umicore or its management.

Such estimates and consensus are not controlled, changed, censored or endorsed by Umicore, which assumes no liability for the selection, quality, accuracy, up-to-dateness or completeness of these estimates. Umicore undertakes no obligation to update, revise or amend such estimates and consensus data, even if and when they differ from Umicore’s own forecasts, estimates, projections, predictions or expectations. Umicore is neither involved in the collection of the data, nor in the preparation of the consensus, which is done independently by Vara Research.

View Consensus

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