Doing our part to accelerate clean mobility

At Umicore, we are fully committed to helping the world transition to cleaner mobility. In fact, we are globally recognized as a leading technology company providing a full offering of clean mobility materials. From emission control and fuel cell catalysts to a wide spectrum of rechargeable battery materials. Mobility can only be truly clean when circular, and we are a leading player capable of closing the materials loop efficiently. We are uniquely positioned to keep pace with the vigorous growth of a global clean mobility market.

Our clean mobility expertise meets your clean mobility needs

As our partner, you will quickly realize that comprehension, collaboration, and application know-how are core Umicore strengths. We assist you by co-creating sustainable, cost efficient, high performing and high quality custom-made technologies that are safe, using raw materials that aren’t just available, but also ethical, and fully recyclable.

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Solutions for a better tomorrow

Umicore’s sustainable development, production and recycling efforts are not only tireless, they are globally recognized. We offer the key materials that drive your vehicle, no matter what powertrain, and we can efficiently close the materials loop through our state of the art recycling processes, whether it’s a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, full electric or fuel cell electric vehicle. 

Our commitment to clean air is supported by core pillars: sustainable development, customer focus, operational excellence and a global production and technology footprint close to our customers..  

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