Innovation in recycling

Umicore is the world’s leading recycler of complex waste streams containing precious and other valuable metals, including from batteries, electronics and catalysts. Umicore’s closed-loop business model will be a powerful strategic differentiator for the foreseeable future. Umicore’s recycling is not only the cornerstone in the sustainable development of several industries, but with the supply of metal based products and recycling under one roof, Umicore is also the partner of choice for the management of metals throughout the loop, providing reliable sourcing and financial optimization of both working capital and metal price exposure in the value chain.

Innovation projects for recycling follow industry trends closely. Our attention in battery recycling goes beyond the recycling process, to the safety and ergonomics of operations and how these can be supported by automation and robotization. We started mapping what the future urban mine may look like and how this may inspire new flowsheets. 

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