Thin Film Products

Umicore Thin Film Products is one of the leading producers of source materials (evaporation materials and sputtering targets) for vacuum deposition of thin films. We are active in the business fields of optics, optical data storage, wear protection & decorative coatings, electronics & semiconductors, displays, photovoltaic cells, and architectural glass. We organise these activities in two main business lines: Large Area Coatings (LAC) and Optics & Electronics.

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Key facts about thin films

  • Thin films are typically 33 times thinner than a human hair
  • Anti-reflective coatings reduce reflections and ghost images while enhancing the transmission of light. This is invaluable for spectacle lenses, microscopes, camera lenses or endoscopes.
  • The requirements for every type of cutting, drilling, milling and turning tools continue to grow. We are the world’s number one research and design partner for coating centres everywhere.
  • Umicore Thin Film Products was the pioneer and continues to be the market leader in cylindrical (rotary) Indium Tin Oxide sputtering targets for display, photovoltaics and architectural glass coatings.

Contact information

Umicore Thin Film Products AG Balzers, Liechtenstein Alte Landstrasse 8 P.O.Box 364 LI-9496 Balzers Liechtenstein Tel.: +423 388 73 00 Fax: +423 388 74 50 Email: