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Assistant Production Manager

China - Tianjin
Automotive Catalysts

Posted on 15-09-2023

Ensure all operations and activities in accordance with company EHS policy. Coordinate and work with related department to continuously improve EHS.

Manage Production lines to optimize utilization and ensure operational expenses, inventory management, capacity utilizations and KPIs are within approved IBP budget.

Work closely with other department (maintenance, quality, process etc) to solve issues in production, and improve the quality, process, efficiency continuously.

Optimize the production process based on technologies. Fully implement all necessary technologies.

Develop and implement staffing plan that ensures a proactive flow to meet the growing manpower needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Manage all production staffing accountabilities, including recruiting and hiring,  coaching, and training & development.

Work with planning function to meet the daily demanded volume, eliminate/minimize backorder and safety stock concerns, and coordinate with other department to solve production issues timely.

Prepare and manage expense budget to provide necessary shop supplies and services to the production