Powered by Umicore

Umicore supports engineering student teams that build electric vehicles to compete in international student competitions. Their innovative vehicles spread the message that sustainable mobility can be a reality.

The Powered by Umicore programme is about innovation by engineering students who have the potential to realise future technology breakthroughs. The students are inspired by clean technologies and have the chance to show their potential as part of a team.

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This was Powered by Umicore 2018! Pop the champagne and celebrate with our teams for getting one step closer to a clean, mobile and electric future. 🍾 A big thanks to all of you for following the adventures of TH Köln - eMotorsports Cologne, Formula Electric Belgium and UAntwerp Solar Boat Team!

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The electric cars of TH Köln - eMotorsports Cologne & Formula Electric Belgium and the solar boat of UAntwerp Solar Boat Team were absolutely jaw-dropping! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

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The teams weren’t always able to play alongside the big boys this racing season, but they have laid a strong foundation for next year. Don’t worry, Forbes. We’ve got stamina! 💪

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