Precious metals

Jewelry & Industrial Metals

Our business delivers high-quality products and solutions for industrial and commercial use. We offer precious metals for crafting new jewelry, and we also recycle old jewelry and production scrap, thereby creating a closed loop.

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A wealth of applications

Our main activity is to supply base resources for jewelers, gold and silversmiths, wholesalers and precious metals processors. We also provide semi-finished wares and alloys for industrial soldering products and manufacture globally tradable bars of gold, silver, etc.

We  process a wide range of input materials, from gold and silver scrap to dental fillings.

Contact information

Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG Kanzlerstra├če 17 D-75175 Pforzheim Germany Tel.: +49 7231 96 00 Fax: +49 7231 68 740 Email: