Electro-Optic Materials

Umicore Electro-Optic Materials supplies germanium-based material solutions to customers around the world. Our main markets are thermal imaging and opto-electronic applications, for which we supply germanium wafers, infrared lenses and optics, and germanium-based chemicals. We guarantee our customers secured access to germanium supply and provide unique solutions to treat a wide variety of germanium containing recycling streams.

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A closer look

Our Infrared Optics for thermal imaging provide innovative optical solutions in variety of applications such as automotive night vision, thermography and security and surveillance, firefighting and many others.. We produce a chalcogenide glass called GASIR®, of a quality unique to Umicore. It was introduced because of its ability to be moulded; a cost-effective manufacturing method for high-volume infrared optics. It combines excellent performance with attractive cost.

We are your one-stop solution for all your germanium recycling needs. Advanced processes have been developed to recover germanium from a broad range of industrial by-products, production scraps and end-of-life products. 


Innovative applications

Our germanium wafers are used in a variety of applications: terrestrial solar cells (CPV), space solar cells, high brightness LEDs, and various semiconductor applications.

We produce the highest quality of GeCl4 available in the industry. It maximises light transmission in the core of optical communication fibres. This superior quality can be offered on a consistent basis and is confirmed by our proven track record with the majority of optical fibre manufacturers. 



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