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29 August 2019

Fuel Cells: zero emissions and long driving range

The application of platinum as a catalyst to generate electric power through the conversion of hydrogen with air, also known as fuel cell…

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31 July 2019

Half year results 2019

Robust performance in challenging market conditions and compared to record levels in 2018 

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24 July 2019

How we recycle metals at Umicore

“Take-make-dispose” is out of fashion. People are increasingly concerned about the environment and want to save materials, reduce…

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26 June 2019

Giving back to society in Madagascar

Umicore believes that quality education is key to changing the future. That’s why we have a long-term partnership with UNICEF through…

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6 June 2019

This is why Umicore offers dual learning programs: ‘The key success factor is motivation and determination’

Getting the right person in the right place: that’s one of the big challenges facing companies like Umicore every day. Especially when it…

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23 May 2019

Umicore to acquire cobalt refinery and cathode precursor operations in Finland

Through this acquisition Umicore expands its integrated battery materials footprint

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23 April 2019

Umicore update on trading conditions and outlook

Negative pressures from delays in electric vehicle and energy storage markets as well as from artisanally mined cobalt

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  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 20
    Battery technology plays a big part in the fight against #globalwarming. A report by the #GlobalBatteryAlliance, of…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 20
    We're delighted to announce that leading industry expert, Dr. Janelle Steves, will be attending our inaugural…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 20
    Join us at the Marmomac on September 25th – 28th, 2019 at the Verona Exhibition Centre in Verona. You will find our…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 18
    Umicore stationary catalysis division supplies SCR DeNOx catalyst technology to Amager Bakke, Copenhagen’s new stat…
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    Will you be in New Jersey for #ChemOutsourcing 2019? If so, make sure to speak to our #UmicorePMC #BondMakers to di…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 16
    The business line PMC will participate at the OPRD in the Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon on 23th - 25th, 2019. Detailed…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 13
    We had a great time at @TheBatteryShow meeting so many passionate people. The future is electric! #umicore #TBS19
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 12
    Transition metal catalysts are important tools for the #sustainable production of high-quality #APIs. Join us at…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 12
    They call us the believers, shapers, energizers, pioneers. Everyday, wherever we are, we push forward for a sustain…
  • @UmicoreGroup  Sep 9
    Later this month #UmicorePMC will be in New Jersey for #ChemOutsourcing 2019. Make sure to meet our #BondMakers to…