23 March 2018

Umicore publishes integrated report 2017: Delivering on our Strategy

“In 2017, we made significant strides towards the ambitious targets that we had set ourselves as part of the Horizon 2020 strategy. We accelerated growth investments in rechargeable battery materials, simplified the portfolio of activities and made further progress in terms of environmental performance and sustainable supply. All of that while achieving record results.”

Marc Grynberg, Umicore CEO

Umicore - the materials technology and recycling group – today published its 2017 Annual report. The report provides an integrated view of Umicore’s progress towards its Horizon 2020 goals of becoming a leader in clean mobility materials and recycling, doubling its earnings, bringing greater balance to its portfolio and turning its sustainability credentials into a greater competitive edge.

Umicore has continued to focus on the most material elements that drive its business and has sought to provide a more comprehensive overview of its business model, how it creates value and manages the impacts along its value chain. Umicore uses the GRI reporting framework and has illustrated how its Horizon 2020 objectives contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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