7 August 2018

Powered by Umicore’s Formula Electric Belgium student team wins first prize for the design of its self-built electric car

Most, 4 August 2018.

The Formula Electric Belgium team was in high spirits at the awards ceremony when receiving the 2018 First Prize for the design of Umicore Pulse at the Formula Student Competition in the Czech Republic. Building Umicore Pulse took the Belgian engineering students about nine months - from the first design to finishing a fully functioning electric race car. Racing with a self-built car in several Formula Student competitions over the summer is the fun part after all the hard work and getting Umicore Pulse recognised for its innovative design is definitely the cherry on the cake. The jury was impressed by the unique 3D printed cooling system designed with artificial intelligence as well as their innovative battery pack and board computer.

“The first prize is probably the most rewarding prize we could get as a team as it recognises our drive and sustained efforts to innovate,” says Arthur Coppieters, team leader. “I am extremely proud of all team members who put their heart and soul into this car. This has been a year that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.”

The team also performed well in the other events of the Formula Student competition in Most and earned a 3rd place in acceleration and a 4th place on the skipad.

More info:
Formula Student Czech Republic: https://www.fsczech.cz/
Powered by Umicore: www.umicore.com/poweredbyUmicore
Formula Electric Belgium: www.formulaelectric.be

Formula Electric Belgium | Wannes Vanheusden | + 32 497 84 97 43
Umicore | Tatiana Cervak | +32 478 99 15 00

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