31 March 2020

Umicore publishes Integrated Annual Report 2019

Staying the course 

“In 2019 we posted a strong performance in a challenging market environment and made significant strides in the execution of our growth strategy in all three major activities, while again reaching the original financial target of our Horizon 2020 strategic plan. We signed multi-year agreements with leading EV battery producers and concluded long-term supply partnerships for sustainable cobalt. We commissioned our new Process competence center in Belgium and a fuel cell catalyst plant in Korea, and acquired the Kokkola cobalt refinery in Finland. We contributed to the creation of a sustainable and innovative battery value chain for EVs in Europe and were instrumental in the clear sustainability principles for the rechargeable battery industry issued by the Global Battery Alliance. Technology innovation and our ongoing growth investments promise further value creation once the current pandemic is behind us.” Marc Grynberg, CEO

Umicore today published its 2019 Integrated Annual Report. The report provides an integrated view of Umicore’s progress in reaching its Horizon 2020 goals of becoming a leader in clean mobility materials and recycling and turning sustainability into a greater competitive edge. 

The report continues to focus on the elements that drive Umicore’s  business and this year includes expanded content on innovation, on Umicore’s sustainable products and services, as well as on human rights and Umicore’s role and mission in the value chain. The report also includes Umicore’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: to keep people healthy, to ensure safe working conditions and to preserve cash. With a strong balance sheet and ample liquidity, Umicore expects to emerge from the crisis ready to resume its growth trajectory. 

The 2019 report focuses on that growth strategy and Umicore’s unique position in providing certified clean and ethical materials to the rechargeable battery supply chain, in gasoline particulate filter applications, in fuel cell catalysts and in battery recycling.  

Umicore uses the GRI Standards reporting framework and has illustrated how its Horizon 2020 objectives contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The 2019 Integrated Annual Report can be browsed online in English, or downloaded in Dutch, English, or French at annualreport.umicore.com where expanded and dynamic versions of the stories behind the key events of the year are also available. 




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