Evelien de Wilde

Project Manager
Olen, Belgium
Group Research & Development
Working for umicore since 2015
"For Umicore, career development is very important. There are plenty of opportunities for me to evolve."

Can you describe your role/position at Umicore?

I am Project Manager at Umicore’s Group Research & Development in the Recycling & Extraction technology platform. My main task is to support the copper smelting plant at the Precious Metals Refining unit in Hoboken. I research for solutions to current industrial challenges and look for long-term opportunities, so that we can keep innovating the process and keep up with the competitive market.

What do you like about your job?

My job allows me to combine my passion for science directly with industrial applications. Every day is different, as I have to work alongside various internal departments and have constant contact with external parties, such as universities and other research institutions. We also have the opportunity to attend different conferences to closely follow-up and monitor industry developments.

What do you like about working at Umicore?

I have noticed that for Umicore, career development is very important. There are plenty of opportunities for me to evolve both as a manager and at a personal level.

For example, Umicore proposes learning ‘on-the-job’ opportunities offering many internal and external training programmes.

Why did you want to work at Umicore?

The world is changing rapidly, and we need to keep innovating so that we continue to contribute to sustainability in the longer term. I believe in Umicore’s ‘Materials for a Better Life’ principle.

What do you look forward to when you set off to work in the morning?

For me, working in a pleasant environment is key and getting along with my colleagues is hugely important. You work and succeed together as a team.

What has been the highlight of your time at Umicore so far?

Transforming a research project (to increase the robustness of the gas treatment plant) into a concrete application, which was a success thanks to the great teamwork between the Production, Modelling, Technology and R&D departments. It’s a perfect example of how teamwork creates added value for Umicore.

Any advice for newcomers?

Umicore offers a huge range of training programmes. Make the most of them! And be aware that working at a multinational offers opportunities worldwide with different Business Units, hence it is also a good idea to look beyond. That knowledge will definitely come in handy later on.