Transparency notification by BlackRock, Inc: Disposal of voting securities
Regulated Information

In accordance with article 14, § 1 of the law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings BlackRock, Inc. has notified the FSMA and Umicore on 10 August 2017 that on 8 August 2017 it has crossed the statutory threshold of 5%, holding 4.92% of Umicore's shares and voting rights.

name date threshold # voting rights denominator % voting rights
BlackRock, Inc. 08/08/2017   0 224,000,000 0.00%
BlackRock (Netherlands) B.V. 08/08/2017   28,236 224,000,000 0.01%
BlackRock (Singapore) Limited 08/08/2017   13,772 224,000,000 0.01%
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited 08/08/2017   1,091,472 224,000,000 0.49%
BlackRock Advisors, LLC 08/08/2017   1,131,464 224,000,000 0.51%
BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited 08/08/2017   86,518 224,000,000 0.04%
BlackRock Asset Management Deutschland AG 08/08/2017   307,502 224,000,000 0.14%
BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited 08/08/2017   1,486 224,000,000 0.00%
BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. 08/08/2017   22,858 224,000,000 0.01%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 08/08/2017   2,458,578 224,000,000 1.10%
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, National Association 08/08/2017   2,719,692 224,000,000 1.21%
BlackRock International Limited 08/08/2017   4,372 224,000,000 0.00%
BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited 08/08/2017   68,396 224,000,000 0.03%
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited 08/08/2017   2,026,123 224,000,000 0.90%
BlackRock Investment Management, LLC 08/08/2017   828,592 224,000,000 0.37%
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd. 08/08/2017   225,689 224,000,000 0.10%
TOTAL 08/08/2017 < 5.00% 11,014,750 224,000,000 4.92%

The notification can be found here.

The chain of control has been described at the end of the declaration.


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