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New automotive catalyst plant to enable cleaner air

To achieve cleaner air the European Commission is enacting ever-stricter limits on vehicle emissions. As carmakers need to implement the changing regulations, a new factory in Nowa Ruda will help Umicore meet the growing demand for advanced pollution control systems.

The new production facility in Nowa Ruda, Poland, will complement existing Umicore plants in Germany, France and Sweden. Construction began in the summer of 2014 and proceeded quickly. The plant was commissioned in the third quarter 2015 and ramped up to the planned production volumes during 2016.

Nowa Ruda produces a range of catalysts for both diesel and gasoline powered cars. Customers use these catalytic converters to produce finished pollution control devices. Employing around 80 people, the Nowa Ruda facility uses the newest generation of manufacturing processes.

Pascal Reymondet, Executive Vice President Catalysis at Umicore, commented on the new plant: “This investment enables us to supply our customers with technologies to meet the most stringent emission legislation and support Europe’s aim for ‘cleaner air for all’. It also underscores our ambition to be a clear leader in materials for clean mobility.”

With the capabilities to expand and broaden its product portfolio, Nowa Ruda is playing a key role in Umicore’s strategy for remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving European automotive catalyst market.