Umicore successfully certified under ISO 50001

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Umicore makes a lasting contribution to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. This commitment has been recognised on the Rheinfelden site with ISO 50001 certification for the company’s energy management system.

Materials technology group Umicore has been successfully certified on the Rheinfelden site under international standard ISO 50001 for its energy management system. Among other aspects, the system introduced by Umicore comprises energy monitoring, options for identifying energy optimisations across all energy carriers, and alternative energy concepts taking into
account the aspects of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” states Michael Harris, site manager of Umicore automotive catalysts in Rheinfelden, “I am particularly proud of the fact that we are the first Umicore site in the world to have an energy management system certified under ISO 50001.”

The ISO 50001 certificate was awarded by the independent certification authority of DQS GmbH (German society for the certification of management systems). At Umicore, DQS made an especially positive assessment of measures such as the daily energy report and the energy efficiency board, which reveals energy wasting in real time.

The extensive staff training courses on the Rheinfelden site in the areas of energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and responsible approach to energy have also resulted in greater awareness of the issue among employees. This is reflected in such things as an increased number of staff suggestions for energy optimisation and saving. The energy management system introduced by Umicore therefore highlights savings potentials in various ways, from
which targeted measures can be derived to further improve the energy efficiency of the company.

About ISO 50001 certification

ISO 50001 is an internationally accepted standard for systems and processes to improve the energy-related performance of companies. The systematic approach of the energy management system enables companies to achieve continuous improvement in energy-related performance, energy efficiency and energy saving. The certificate is valid for three years.