Sustainability at Umicore

Umicore plays a key role in the transition to a cleaner and more resilient future, fulfilling our vision of “Materials for a better life”.

Umicore is working to optimize resource use and reduce pollution. Our Hoboken facility is the world’s largest and most complex precious metals recycling operation, processing over 200 types of raw material – from primary sources but also industrial residues and end-of-life materials, such as electronic scrap and spent rechargeable batteries – and recovering over 20 different metals. As part of our closed-loop business model, most of our business units recycle industrial residues from customers.  

We transform metals into functional materials and recycle them at end of life to make new materials. Our products deliver solutions for cleaner air and increased e-mobility, while we turn waste metals into a resource. Our ethical sourcing and closed-loop approach distinguish us as a leader in sustainability. Our closed-loop business model, contributing to the circular economy, delivers value to our customers, the environment and society.

In 2019, 60% of material input came from secondary and end-of-life materials, while 75% of total revenues came from clean mobility and recycling. Much of the remaining 25% of revenues are from products that improve connectivity or reduce energy consumption.