Great place to work

Our success is measured by our ability to offer a safe workplace and embed a safety culture in our workforce, to monitor, manage and protect our employees from exposure risks, to ensure Umicore’s status as an employer of choice in all the regions where we operate and to manage talent as a driver for reaching our desired business growth.

We are proud of our position as a pioneer and world leader in materials technology and sustainability, but in a disruptive industry, we need to continue innovating, challenging the status quo and growing, both as a company and as an employer.

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We strive to create an environment in which all our employees can succeed, and which encourages innovation, thrives on collaboration, rewards contribution and provides every employee with the opportunity to develop.

The varying ambitions and interests of our colleagues and new recruits enrich Umicore with new outlooks and new ways of working together which build our competitive advantage.

Our values and mutual respect remain consistent as we all work towards the same vision: to create materials for a better life.

Umicore has a truly global profile, with operations on every major continent. 10,859 employees currently work at Umicore, across 47 production sites, 15 research & development centers and in supporting offices including our global headquarters in Brussels.

Our Horizon 2020 strategy is designed to consider the future trends that impact Umicore, the labor market and societal expectations. Our objectives are centered on health and safety, talent management, diversity and employability – aspects that will have the greatest impact on reaching Horizon 2020 goals.

Despite competitive markets we are making strides in talent management, diversity and employee engagement. We continue to pursue our long-term goals of eliminating lost-time accidents and occupational-related ill-health and to seek new ways of engaging colleagues by promoting safety and wellbeing in the workplace.