Talent management

Talent management involves finding and retaining the right people at all levels of the organization and in a wide variety of functions, including equipment operators, laboratory analysts, office staff and production engineers. For Umicore the main drivers are linked to the Horizon 2020 growth ambitions in the sectors and regions where we are active.

Voluntary leavers ratio by region - %

The number of employees in the fully consolidated companies decreased from 11,152 at the end of 2019 to 10,859 at the end of 2020. This decrease mainly reflects the plant closures in Tulsa, US (Automotive Catalysts) and Wickliffe, US (Cobalt & Specialty Materials).

In 2020, following up on the outcomes of the previous year’s talent review, Umicore implemented mentoring programs for emerging talent, including for young top talent, with targeted development programs. These programs revolve around developing broad profiles and providing multifunctional development opportunities.

In 2020, our overall retention rate increased to 96%, up from 94% in 2019. Significant regional differences in retention rates continue, with Asia-Pacific reporting the highest voluntary leaver rate at 9.25%, an improvement from 11.87% in 2019.

Workforce by region - N°

Umicore provides managers with a training curriculum aligned across all regions and promotes career development using an internal online vacancies tool, promoting greater internal mobility. Training at Umicore encompasses traditional classroom-type modules, e-learning and in-service instruction.

Average number of training hours per employee - Hours / Employee

In 2020, the average training hours per employee reached 36 hours, lower than 49 hours in 2019, primarily due to COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, training was organized differently: in smaller groups and respecting social distancing where in-person presence was possible, and through online sessions. Some training was postponed or cancelled. In 2020, managers training hours (27 hours) were lower than for other employees (39 hours).