Diversity of thought is what will keep us ahead. We want our workforce to reflect the societies we operate in, building a diverse, inspiring and collaborative workplace that contributes to everyone’s success. So let’s close the gap – any gap and go for zero inequality. Zero inequality means people are valued equally. Treated equally. Paid equally for equal efforts. What matters is merit: skill, effort, talent, responsibility and resourcefulness. We want our employees to have equal rights, equal responsibilities and equal opportunities, regardless of their gender. First on the agenda: empowering female employees. We want to be more inclusive, and more culturally diverse in our management teams and by going for 50% women in management as soon as possible

Gender parity

Today, women are still underrepresented in senior leadership. That’s a fact we can’t ignore. Men and women deserve equal chances to being promoted to or hired for a management position. Rebalancing gender at work takes attracting more talented women job candidates and identifying high potentials and fast-track them in leadership roles. 

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal of gender parity as soon as possible with 35% women in management by 2030.

gender parity among managers

Pay Equality

It’s simple: there is no room for sexism, racism, ageism or any other type of discrimination or bias at Umicore. Our employees are rewarded and promoted based on their unique skills and abilities. We foster a culture of equal opportunities, equal and fair pay, mutual respect and solidarity.

100% equal pay

Broader cultural representation in management teams

Considering our growing global footprint and the share of our revenues that is generated outside Europe , we want to ensure that non-Europeans are better represented in our senior management. This will enable us to understand our customers better and will increase the diversity of thought in our teams and expedite innovation. 

increased non-European representation by 2035

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