17 December 2014

Regulated Information

Transparency declaration by Franklin Templeton Institutional LLC: Disposal of voting securities

On 12 December, Franklin Templeton Institutional LLC, located at 600 Fifth Avenue, New York, 10020, USA, has notified the FSMA and Umicore that on 10 December 2014 it has crossed the statutory threshold of 3%, holding 2.94% of Umicore's shares and voting rights.

namedatethreshold# voting rightsdenominator% voting rights
Franklin Templeton Institutional LLC 10/12/2014   6,580,554 224,000,000 2.94%
TOTAL 10/12/2014  < 3.00% 6,580,554 224,000,000 2.94%

The chain of control has been described as follows:

Franklin Templeton Institutional LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Franklin Resources Inc.

The declaration can be found here.