1 August 2016

Regulated Information

Transparency notification by Capfi Delen: Disposal of voting securities

In accordance with article 14, § 1 of the law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings, Capfi Delen Asset Management has notified the FSMA and Umicore on 28 July 2016 that on 20 July 2016 it has crossed the statutory threshold of 3%, holding 2.65% of Umicore's shares and voting rights.

name date threshold # voting rights denominator % voting rights
Capfi Delen Asset Management 20/07/2016   5,937,350 224,000,000 2.65%
TOTAL 20/07/2016 < 3.00% 5,937,350 224,000,000 2.65%

This press release is available on Umicore’s website. The notification can be found here.

The chain of control has been described in the annex at the end of the notification.