Clean mobility innovation

The clean mobility trend, toward zero well-to-wheel emission ambitions, points to a combination of electric and hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and carbon neutrally-fueled internal combustion engines.

Umicore has a unique position in clean mobility materials across all drive-train technologies. It is a global leader in emission control catalysts for internal combustion engines, a leading supplier of materials for rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles and catalysts for fuel cell applications.

Legislation increasingly requires gasoline vehicles to be equipped with particulate filters. Our work focuses on improved catalyst technologies for gasoline and diesel vehicles in a cost efficient way to meet these increasingly stringent regulations. For gasoline particulate filters (GPF), Umicore is optimizing the distribution of the catalytic material in the pores of the filter so that an optimal balance of backpressure, filtration efficiency and chemical reactivity is obtained.

In response to global megatrends the adoption of sustainable technologies has accelerated, such as electric vehicles. The key to improving the total cost of EV ownership, and the environmental footprint of their batteries, is their increase in energy density. As battery-powered vehicles become mainstream, different user segments emerge, each with different cost and performance needs, presenting opportunities for tailored materials solutions. Research programs on cathode and anode materials with novel compositions, or for batteries working at a higher voltage, address these upcoming needs. To ensure synchronization with market demand, this type of innovation is often performed in close collaboration with our external partners who test samples of our next-generation products.

Hydrogen is a promising future energy carrier which is converted into clean electricity by fuel cells. Umicore’s electrocatalysts play a crucial role in Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells used in stationary and mobility applications on the global path to zero emissions. Our fuel cell catalyst portfolio covers all relevant technologies for both anode and cathode electrode applications. Working with platinum and platinum alloy on carbon catalysts as well as special protective additives, Umicore R&D improves the robustness of the fuel cell under critical operating conditions to achieve performance requirements in vehicle applications.

The push towards decarbonization of industry will form a Hydrogen economy with new opportunities for innovation in catalysis. Building on our expertise of fuel cell technologies in stationary and mobile applications, Umicore intensifies the development efforts in the field of anode and cathode catalysts for green hydrogen production

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