Unique business model

Our closed-loop business model is a powerful differentiator, and it will continue to be the basis on which we carry out our business and build our strategy.  It is designed to deliver positive environmental impact in parallel with economic value creation.

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Clear leadership in clean mobility materials and recycling

Our biggest impact on society comes from the areas where we are most unique, where we make the biggest difference and where we have the greatest growth potentials. We power the vehicles and technologies of the future and give new life to used metals. 

The key megatrends and drivers for all these activities remain very strong. Metals are becoming more and more scarce and demand continues to increase. Clean air and the electrification of vehicles are a powerful trend to reach carbon neutrality. Today, the question is not about whether it will happen, the question is about how fast it will take place. Legislation is driving the need for clean mobility and pushing towards a more circular economy.

Sustainability at Umicore is first and foremost about creating a positive impact on society by harnessing all our capabilities and bringing solutions to address key societal challenges, today and tomorrow. 

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Industry leader in sustainability 

Our pioneering approach to sustainability is a true differentiator for Umicore.  
In order to continue to be successful as a company and continue to be a sustainability leader in our industry, we have to raise the bar and have to be bolder and broader, we have to act faster and be better. By this we mean going for zero: Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, zero regrets and endless possibilities.  

One of the other areas in which we distinguish ourselves the most is the supply of raw materials. We are pioneers in ethical and sustainable supply and were the first company in the battery value chain to offer materials which are certified by an independent third party as coming from an ethical source.  
Overall we are well positioned and a clear leader in clean mobility materials and recycling, setting new industry standards in sustainability. This is based on our unique closed loop business model, highly supportive megatrends, our early leadership positions in key segments, a strong commitment to innovation and R&D as well as a solid financial structure which gives us the strength to fund our growth plans.  

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