Clean technology for a sustainable future

As a global leader in clean mobility materials and recycling, Umicore is committed to contribute to a sustainable future. Our business model is designed to deliver positive environmental impact in parallel with economic value creation and our commitment goes beyond our business efforts. Monitoring value chain and societal needs for prosperity, creating a great place to work for our people, and operating as eco-efficiently as possible for a healthier planet.

We deliver value by developing, producing and recycling materials that fulfil our mission: materials for a better life. This integrated value creation is what separates us from our competitors and brings us together with like-minded partners.

Umicore will be hosting it's Sustainability event on June 2, 2:00 pm CEST.

We are leading the way towards a sustainable future. Join us on our journey!

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Big challenges demand big commitments

To address today’s global megatrends, we first have to recognize them. Growing demand for clean mobility and clean air, reduced pollution and increased offering of energy-efficient technologies, optimized resource use and efficiency, focus on society, and employee well-being are all trending globally. At Umicore, we are committed to leading the way to meet these demands delivering value: in technology, in innovation, in quality, in people, in community stewardship. All in collaboration with our partners.

Delivering value through our foundations  

Material solutions

Clean technology materials play a vital role in our daily lives and are enablers for a sustainable future. Umicore is engaged in each step of our value chain, from how these materials are sourced, produced, and efficiently and infinitely recycled into their next life. Umicore’s vision is to be a leader in providing and creating material-based solutions that not only improve life, but also sustain it.

Application know-how

Umicore shares its expertise and commitment across key competences including metallurgy, chemistry, engineering, and materials science. This industry-leading know-how enables us to offer bespoke solutions for our customers to develop better, more sophisticated, safer products and benefit from our closed-loop solutions through our recycling technologies.

Closed-loop business model

Metals are infinitely recyclable. By pioneering closed-loop solutions for our customers, we contribute to the development and evolution of a responsible industry. When production waste and end-of-life products are given a new life, it has a positive impact on the planet. It is an essential, differentiating way we do business.

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Sustainability commitment to our stakeholders

Our approach to sustainability has a direct impact on our stakeholders. Walking in full alignment as partners is the best way forward towards a better future. When we succeed, you succeed.


Being a preferred provider takes a commitment to understanding, then meeting your needs and specific requirements. On every project, with every challenge, at every turn. This is our goal, and we take every necessary step to nurture successful partnerships by:

  • opting for third-party sustainable supplier assessments
  • customizing materials and processes 
  • delivering innovative solutions in a rapidly changing landscape
  • disclosing our own performance and ambitions
  • committing to continuous improvement on environmental performance

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We’re only as good as the close to 11,000 people we employ around the world, across 47 production sites, 15 R&D centers, and in supporting offices including our global headquarters in Brussels. With this in mind, we invest significant resources to ensure we are recognized as an employer of choice in the regions where we do business. At Umicore we:

  • put health and safety first
  • support growth and encourage development 
  • believe in equal opportunity, gender equality, fairness, and racial and global diversity
  • follow best practices for employee-retention
  • create a culture of empowerment and transparency

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The Umicore Way, is the cornerstone of everything we do. It guides our approach, from our commitment to the principles of sustainable development to the way we do business. Other guiding policies we have adopted include:

  • Umicore Code of Conduct, a comprehensive framework for ethical business practice;
  • Corporate Governance Charter, which sets out our management philosophy and governance principles;
  • Sustainable Procurement Charter, which outlines our commitment to align our supply chain to our own values and practices; and
  • many internal policies developed in support of our vision and values such as Safety, Human Rights and Working Conditions, Training & Development and Donations & Sponsorship

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The Umicore Way and the policies we adopt and follow take other groups into consideration as well. We are engaged in constant dialogue with our suppliers to 

  • define technical specifications
  • establish mutually acceptable terms and conditions
  • ensure transportation, energy and other provisioning needs are met

Our approach is shaped by our Sustainable Procurement Charter. This charter is complemented by specific approaches or frameworks for some critical raw materials.

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At Umicore, we understand the importance of engaging in transparent and regular relationships. Especially when it comes to our investors.


  • have a well-diversified business profile with a broad product, end-market and customer base driven by global megatrends and sustainability
  • focus on medium- to longer-term shareholder value creation 
  • seek sustainable growth, including not only financial but also environmental and social aspects in the business strategy 
  • commit to innovation to maintain our competitive lead 
  • hold clear governance principles with an experienced Supervisory and Management Board

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Umicore by the numbers



Retention rate



directly linked to clean mobility or recycling

Input mix

64% | 36%

secondary materials | primary material

Metal emissions


to water (vs 2015)

Metals emissions


to air (vs 2015)

Energy use


(vs 2015)

CO2 emissions


despite significant growth (vs 2015)

We deliver value


LBMA Gold LBMA Silver RJC Chain of Custody Recycled Gold, platinum, palladium and/or rhodium RMI-Conformant Cobalt Refiners RMI-Conformant Gold smelters and refiners


x x
Hoboken x x x x
Kokkola x
Pforzheim x x x x
Vienna x x

Indexes & ratings (2020)

  • EURONEXT - BEL20; Euronext 100
  • ECPI - EMU Ethical Equity; Euro ESG Equity; World ESG Equity 
  • FTSE RUSSELL - FTSE4GOOD; FTSE Environmental Opportunities 100 
  • MSCI - ACWI Sustainable Impact Index , ACWI Low Carbon Target , Belgium IMI Index , EMU ESG Enhanced Focus Index, Global Pollution Prevention Index , World ESG Leaders Index, AAA ESG Rating (Leader) 
  • SOLACTIVE - Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility Index 
  • STOXX - STOXX Europe 600; STOXX Europe Mid 200
  • SUSTAINALYTICS - 29.1 (Low Risk) 
  • VIGEO EIRIS - Benelux 20; Eurozone 120

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