Umicore announces partnership with the International Life Cycle Chair

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Today the Polytechnique Montréal and ESG UQAM launched the International Life Cycle Chair, a research unit which is part of the globally renowned CIRAIG, the Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services. Umicore is one of the 14 international partners each contributing $500.000 to the overall 5 year budget of $ 7 million. The International Life Cycle Chair will conduct high level academic research on the full impact products and services have on our society and this from a total-cycle environmental and social perspective.

Staf Laget, Umicore Leader Climate, Recycling & Product Sustainability said: “At Umicore we believe that it is essential to develop a full understanding of the impact that our products have on the world from an ecological, social and economic standpoint. We are very proud to be a Life Cycle Chair partner and are looking forward to receiving independent scientific advice from the Life Cycle research centre regarding our sustainability approach for our products and services.”

In recent years Umicore has developed a methodology to deepen the understanding of the lifecycles and impacts of its products combining the best of current industry practice in this field with in-house expertise. The partnership with the Polytechnique Montréal and ESG UQAM allows Umicore to submit its methodology to independent scientific analysis and will help to continue to strive for improvement in the area of product sustainability.

"The life cycle approach enables coherent decision-making on the social, economic, and environmental levels. The research conducted by the International Life Cycle Chair will promote voluntary corporate actions towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns. We are delighted to count Umicore among our sustainable partners", stated Réjean Samson, principal chairholder.

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