Innovation in Mobility Transformation

With governments, regulators and customers demanding rapid reductions in emissions, the drive towards clean mobility is accelerating the pace of innovation. Umicore is well prepared to drive mobility transformation, being a trusted technology partner for car manufacturers across all clean mobility drivetrains and with expertise and market-leading innovations in four key areas:

Umicore is a global leader in the supply of automotive catalysts to clean the exhaust gases from internal combustion engines for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles and for all fuel types. Our work focuses on innovative and efficient catalyst technologies, optimising the distribution of the catalytic material in the pores of the filter to enable an optimal balance of backpressure, filtration efficiency and chemical reactivity. Our continuous innovation in catalyst particles and technologies helps our customers comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations and meet targets to improve air quality and reduce CO2 footprints.

Umicore has proven innovation leadership in internal combustion engines (ICE) catalysis for light and heavy-duty vehicles. We are a leading gasoline catalyst player in Europe and China based on industry-benchmark technologies, with a disproportionate share of gasoline particulate filtration (GPF) platforms used in those markets. We work closely with leading car manufacturers on GPF technology for closed-coupled exhaust after-treatment. Next-generation technology includes a three-way catalyst (TWC) solution for reduced rhodium and palladium utilization, which has been qualified by manufacturers globally. We are also innovating with secondary emission TWCs for ammonia emission abatement and improving filtration efficiency of our GPF technology. 

Likewise, Umicore is a development partner for many car manufacturers in heavy-duty diesel (HDD) vehicles, with co-development partnerships for advanced HDD after-treatment solutions. Our UmiCOR® catalysts are achieving ever-lower NOx emissions with optimized fuel efficiency and we offer a washable particulate filter with ultra-high filtration efficiency. 

All of this next-generation technology is focused on critical developments in the fast-changing landscape of emissions standards.

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