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Diversity & Inclusion

We value, respect and empower the unique and diverse talent at the heart of Umicore, regardless of their age, cultural background, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, political opinion, religion or sexual orientation. Together, we build an inclusive, equal, collaborative, supportive and safe environment because only when you can be your true and authentic self you are at your best.  

As a global company, we embrace diversity in many aspects all while striving for Zero Inequality. As we continue our growth trajectory outlined in our 2030 RISE strategy, we will create more opportunities for diversity and continue our efforts towards greater inclusion. By empowering diversity of thought through different perspectives, experiences and ideas, we drive innovation and long-term success.

Gender parity

We commit to gender diversity and the fundamental principle that gender is not a barrier for career development and growth. We provide opportunities to all to reach their full potential. We recognize the ongoing underrepresentation of women in management positions, a trend commonly observed across the industry. We invest in development programs, trainings, and recruitment campaigns to get closer to our gender diversity goals. The ongoing global war for talent and the unequal representation in the pool of candidates for STEM positions make it a challenge but we are committed  to reach gender parity as soon as possible, with 35% of women in management by 2030.

27,19 % women in Management

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We value the knowledge, skills and expertise of different age groups. At our workplace listening and engaging everyone regardless of their seniority and age allows us to solve problems and implement long-term solutions. Senior profiles can share their experience and know-how, while younger profiles can bring new perspectives and skills. We have set up sounding boards to enable diversity of thought from junior to senior colleagues.

95% retention rate

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Cultural representation

At Umicore, we value cultural diversity for its role in driving innovation and adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace. As we expand globally and generate a growing portion of our revenues beyond Europe, we understand the need to enhance cultural diversity. It enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers, incorporate a broader spectrum of perspectives within our teams, and accelerate our journey towards innovation.

85 Nationalities 

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The Queer@Umicore community represents all colleagues who identify anywhere under the rainbow umbrella, as well as their allies and anyone who wants to learn more about it. Through awareness the community ensures the understanding and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ identities while reducing unconscious bias related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Launch of the Queer@Umicore community in 2022

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Abilities & Skills

Within Umicore, each and every colleague brings their own skills, talent and expertise. But we also believe in continuous learning, and encourage our colleagues to take ownership of their personal and professional development.  We want our employees to have the right skills to contribute to our success and face the changes in the industry with confidence. It’s about creating a place where people can grow, thrive, interact and take care of each other.

Our people are our greatest asset. We believe that our true strength lies in these diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our global team of over 11.000 colleagues. When we empower our people, we empower our company’s future.

46 hours of average training hours per employee

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Our engagement

We want to engage with our more than 11.000 colleagues around the globe. Connecting with each other makes us feel cared for, considered, respected and safe. Our people are our greatest asset. Therefore, we prioritize their physical, mental and social wellbeing. This is achieved through transparency, employee engagement, prevention programs, training and regular assessments.

80% of participation rate to our People Survey 2021

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