Capital Markets Day 2015

Umicore’s growth strategy

Umicore’s Horizon 2020 strategy sets out clear goals for profitable growth. The strategy targets accelerated growth and performance for Umicore, particularly in those businesses driven by the three megatrends of resource scarcity, emission control and electrification of transport.

The capital markets day enables stakeholders to discover in more detail the drivers that underpin the company’s growth prospects between 2015 & 2020 as well as how Umicore is positioned to turn this potential into reality.

Strategic overview

Marc Grynberg

An introduction to Umicore’s Horizon 2020 strategy including an overview of Umicore’s outstanding prospects for growth.

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Pascal Reymondet
Executive Vice-President, Catalysis

Explore Umicore’s plans to generate growth and value from the market in emission control for light duty and heavy duty vehicles.

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Energy & Surface Technologies

Marc Van Sande
Executive Vice President, Energy & Surface Technologies

Kurt Vandeputte
Senior Business Director, Rechargeable Battery Materials

Find out about the new business group Energy & Surface Technologies and explore in more detail the exciting opportunities for Umicore in cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

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Stephan Csoma
Executive Vice-President, Recycling

Luc Gellens
Senior Vice-President, Precious Metals Refining

Learn about the long and short-loop recycling business models. Hear about Umicore’s business prospects in Precious Metals Refining and the benefits of the €100m investment in Hoboken

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Innovation & technology

Denis Goffaux
Chief Technology Officer

Hear how Umicore focuses its R&D efforts in order to achieve the Horizon 2020 goals. Find out about three projects that aim to generate growth beyond 2020.

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Driving returns & value

Filip Platteeuw
Chief Financial Officer

Combining growth, returns and value generation is a challenge. Discover how Umicore plans to achieve this in the coming years.

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