Ordinary, special and extraordinary shareholders' meetings

Changes in participation modalities for the shareholders’ meetings of 30 April 2020 in light of the Covid-19 measures

In light of the global spread of Covid-19, Umicore’s priority is keeping its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders safe. To that end, following the entry into force of the Belgian Royal Decree no 4 of 9 April 2020, Umicore’s board of directors has decided to modify the participation modalities regarding the ordinary, special and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings to be held on Thursday 30 April 2020 at 5 PM CEST.

Remote meeting

The shareholders’ meetings will be held remotely, with no possibility for the shareholders to physically attend the meetings. However, the shareholders’ meetings will be broadcasted on a live webcast in a video and audio format, accessible to all shareholders via the button Webcast on this page.

Remote voting

The webcast will not allow for live interaction and/or voting. Shareholders are only entitled to exercise their voting rights remotely, prior to the shareholders’ meetings, by voting by correspondence or by giving a proxy to Umicore or to the Chairman of the Board (or its delegate), using the forms available via the buttons Vote by Correspondance and Proxy on this page.

Any votes or abstentions expressed in validly completed proxies granted to a third party and which were sent before the date of this press release/announcement, will nevertheless be taken into account without the shareholder having to complete an additional form, it being understood that the proxy holder shall not be entitled to physically attend the meetings.


Shareholders remain entitled to submit questions relating to the items on the agenda, but only in writing, prior to the shareholders’ meetings, via ordinary postal mail or via e-mail. The questions will be answered orally during the shareholders’ meetings, which will be broadcasted during the live webcast. The proxy or voting forms and the questions in writing must be received by Umicore by Sunday 26 April 2020 at the latest.

More information on participation modalities

For more details on these new participation modalities we refer to the updated convening notice available via the button Agenda. 


The Minutes of the shareholders’ meetings are only available in Dutch and French and can be found on the corresponding Dutch and French webpage (accessible via the language buttons at the top of this page).