All agenda items approved at the ordinary shareholders' meeting

On Tuesday 28 April 2015, Umicore held the ordinary shareholders’ meeting at its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Shareholders approved all agenda items. Details of the resolutions are available on Umicore’s website.

The ordinary shareholders’ meetings approved the payment of a gross dividend of € 1.00 per new share (ISIN BE0003884047). Taking into account the gross interim dividend of € 0.50 paid in September 2014, a balance gross amount of € 0.50, representing a dividend of € 0.375 net of withholding tax, will be paid on 5 May 2015.

The System Paying Agent designated for the payment of the 2014 dividend is:

KBC Bank
Havenlaan / Avenue du Port, 2
1080 Brussels

Note: For each tenth of old shares (ISIN BE0003628039) still in circulation, the gross dividend per tenth of old share amounts to € 0.25, on presentation of coupon no 29. We remind you that since the split of the Umicore ordinary share on 29 February 2008, two tenths of each old share equal one new share.