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Evelien De Wilde, one of the Top Fifty women in Belgian Tech


Have you heard about Evelien De Wilde? She has been selected for the Inspiring Fifty Belgium 2022 award, as one of the Top Fifty women in Belgian Tech!

"It came as a surprise, but I am very grateful and honored to be among the Inspiring Fifty. This recognition gives me and my team the confidence to continue on the path we have embarked.

I especially want to thank all the people who pulled me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunities to grow: to all the coaches, field coaches and operators of the Blast Furnace and Lead Refinery. They gave me the space to grow within operations, supported me during the process and have forgiven me the bumps and bruises that sometimes came out of it."

Evelien De Wilde

Discover what her role at Umicore is and why she is so inspiring on her video: