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International Human Solidarity Day

Today is International Human Solidarity Day, a day to raise awareness on the importance of solidarity and a day to encourage action for new initiatives to eradicate poverty. We, at Umicore, show our solidarity by supporting several charity organizations selected by our employees.   

Through the Umicore Awards program, an initiative created to recognize and celebrate the teams and individuals who have greatly contributed to the success of Umicore, we give colleagues the opportunity to select a charity of their choice that is close to their hearts.  

In 2020, we donated  to 11 charities for a total amount of € 20.000. The diversity among the selected charities is high as it goes from international organizations such as SOS Children's Villages, the World Health Organization or Make a Wish to local organizations such as Kom op Tegen Kanker, vzw Music for Kids, vzw JokoTogo or vzw Toolbox.  

In a year in which many people have lost their loved ones, we believe that these donation efforts are contributing to a more solidarized society. They complement our regular donation initiatives with a focus on education,  aiming  at giving back to society.