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Technoteens get to know Umicore


We at Umicore aim to put young people in touch with science and technology. On 27 April and 4 May, 28 children and grandchildren of Umicore employees learned how STEM is part of our daily activities, during Technoteens.

For half a day, the Technoteens had a chance to take a look behind the scenes at Umicore Hoboken. The site focuses on recycling – and that is precisely what they did. First of all Marjan Rottiers and Line Claes made sure that all the participants had the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). Then they got down to work together. They transformed a plastic water bottle into a mini water purification unit and removed nuts from chocolate before turning it back into a great candy bar.

Marjan and Line: “During Technoteens, we show fifth- and sixth-grade children how much there is to STEM. It’s great to see how fascinated the children are by the processes. Fun, interactive experiments give them a feeling for our activities and arouse their interest!”

Next to our STEM initiatives, through Technoteens we aim to introduce our own employees’ children to the possibilities offered by science and technology, working together with schools. There is no better example than our own recycling processes at Hoboken! At the end of the day, the children go home with a backpack full of STEM knowledge and delicious chocolate!

“Through the tasks they do, the children learn about the benefits of our sustainable and circular mission!”

If you would like to get to know the Umicore activities better together with your family, why not try the Science Day on 27 November? To find out more, go to the events page.

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