Transparency declaration by Norges Bank: Acquisition of voting securities

On 3 March, Norges Bank, located at Bankplassen 2, PO Box 1179, Sentrum, 0107, Oslo, Norway, has notified the FSMA and Umicore that on 27 February 2015 it has crossed the statutory threshold of 3%, holding 3.07% of Umicore's shares and voting rights.

namedatethreshold# voting rightsdenominator% voting rights
Norges Bank 27/02/2015   6,882,478 224,000,000 3.07%
TOTAL 27/02/2015 > 3.00% 6,882,478 224,000,000 3.07%

The declaration can be found here.

The chain of control has been described as follows:

Norges Bank is the central bank of Norway. As part of its central bank activities, Norges Bank manages Norway's foreign exchange reserves and is responsible for management of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). The formal responsibility for management of the GPFG is placed with the Ministry of Finance, but is delegated to Norges Bank. All investments are executed by Norges Bank acting as principal and all holdings are registered in the name of Norges Bank.