Umicore’s Annual Report 2013 now online

Today Umicore published its Annual Report for 2013. The report offers a fully integrated view of Umicore’s economic, environmental and social performance and focuses on those areas that are really material to its business. An online reporting centre enables readers to create their own customized report and offers additional functionality such as video case studies and data downloads.

Key performance aspects in 2013 were:

  • Revenues reached € 2.4 billion, down 2%
  • Recurring EBIT was down 18% to € 304 million
  • Return on capital employed was 13.6% vs 16.7% in 2012
  • Capex was 19% higher at € 280 million as we intensified the investments in our growth projects
  • Our R&D spend was € 141 million, 6% of revenues
  • We recorded 35 lost time accidents – down from 49 in 2012
  • CO2 emissions were 17% below those of the reference year 2006 compared to 12% below in 2012
  • Although the impact of our metal emissions to air and water increased, they remained well ahead of the Vision 2015 improvement target
  • We attained conflict-free gold certification for our main recycling and refining operations

You can find out more through the on-line case studies at:

To visit the online reporting centre visit English, French and Dutch versions of the report can be accessed in the reporting centre and can be downloaded in a pdf format.

As on-line readership now far outstrips that of paper versions and in order to limit the environmental footprint of the report, Umicore has decided to stop distributing bound paper versions of the report. Readers can order a basic print via the reporting centre.