Overview of legacy mining sites

Over the course of its 200-year history, a number of Umicore’s predecessor companies were involved in mining zinc and other metals. In the mid-1990s, Union Minière started a process of divesting all of its remaining mining rights as part of its strategic reorientation towards added-value materials and recycling.

Umicore’s predecessor companies operated within the boundaries of national mining legislation and in the context of the environmental standards valid at the time these mines were operational. The decommissioning of the mines and the restitution of mining concessions to the relevant state authorities has consistently been carried out in collaboration with the competent authorities and local stakeholders. This process takes into consideration the specific circumstances of each site. Wherever it is deemed necessary by the relevant authorities, remediation projects are developed in close consultation with other stakeholders in order to reduce any risks to an acceptable level as defined by the authorities.

Below is a summary of Umicore’s main historical mining activities:

Former mining sites in France

Umicore’s predecessor companies had been operating mines in France since the mid-1800s. The last remaining mining activities, all in the south of the country, were terminated in the late 1960s to early 1970s. In the 1990s extensive rehabilitation works were carried out at the former mining sites. All mining concessions in France have been returned to the state; the last one was confirmed by ministerial decree in 2005.

More information on Umicore's former mining sites in Saint-Félix-de-Pallières and Thoiras

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