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Umicore supports Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs


Partnering for impact on People & Planet

In line with our commitment to sustainability and global development, we have been partnering with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs for many years. Through this partnership we currently support two projects in Uganda and El Salvador, aimed at boosting economic growth, sustainability, and education.

Transforming the food system in Uganda

We started supporting Rikolto's business incubation program in Uganda in February 2022. By supporting this “Generation Food” project we help provide sustainable food solutions in Uganda. However, the goal of the program goes even beyond creating sustainable food solutions for communities, it’s also about nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship by organizing business skills training and a year of incubation for 45 entrepreneurs. Aiming to transform the food systems in the cities of Mbale and Gulu by 2024, Rikolto is supporting young entrepreneurs to develop green agribusinesses and become ambassadors for safe and sustainable food​. This has also led to the creation of an alumni network to foster lasting connections and support.

Intermediate results and actions

By the end of 2022, the initiative had already reached 5,000 citizens, who have now access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food, and increased the incomes of over 1,000 food producers. This year, the program has focused among other things on a comprehensive training course in organic waste management and food safety. It has also provided young women and men with technical training opportunities and connected young entrepreneurs to other food networks. 

​​This strategy lays the groundwork for a sustainable cycle of innovation and impact and it connects entrepreneurs to the developing Ugandan food industry.

Training for green energy in El Salvador

The "Training for Electricity & Photovoltaic Energy" project is a bold initiative facilitated by VIA Don Bosco in El Salvador. It aims to empower and educate over 9,500 young people between 2022 and 2026. With Umicore’s contribution, VIA Don Bosco is directly influencing the future of these students - 45% of whom are girls - by developing their technical skills in solar panel installation and electricity.

Intermediate results and actions 

This year, our involvement has enabled the purchase of a refrigerated display case for a pastry workshop, the equipping of a computer lab with 20 desks and computers, the hosting of a business breakfast to connect students with local entrepreneurs, and the organization of a job fair. These concrete actions underpin our focus on an innovative, sustainable and gender-inclusive approach to training and education.

Our involvement in this project underlines our commitment to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for all, by not only shaping careers, but also promoting sustainable practices to reduce the carbon footprint in El Salvador.

Umicore's support for initiatives in El Salvador and Uganda aligns with our vision of giving back to people, communities and the planet. Through our contributions we are nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals and entrepreneurs.