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Sustainable Cobalt

Cobalt is everywhere in our daily lives, playing its part for a sustainable tomorrow. From powering electromobility to storing energy from renewable energy, Cobalt has an essential/enabling role in the green energy transition.

What is cobalt used for and why is it important?

Umicore was the first company worldwide to set a framework ensuring the use of sustainable cobalt. Building a definition around what it meant, with an eye on human rights and giving back to society. Through our approach and partnerships, like the Global Battery Alliance’s work on the battery passport, we help to create and share best practices building a sustainable value chain.

Sustainable Procurement Framework for Cobalt

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Building a sustainable value chain

Did you know that cobalt was the first metal to be discovered? Cobalt minerals have been used as pigments since ancient times. The metal was used to color ceramics in Persia and Egypt. Today, it has many other applications and different uses, such as in medical solutions, energy storage, electric vehicles, and the list goes on.

Cobalt at Umicore

We are a worldwide leader in the recycling, refining, transformation and marketing of cobalt and nickel specialty chemicals. We are present at every step in the value chain, from sourcing to distribution. Our broad expertise covers a multitude of applications in both chemical and powder metallurgy. Our production units and sales offices are present on all continents.

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