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Safety & Wellbeing

Our people are our greatest asset. Their passion, purpose and skill drive innovation and change and inspire us as a company and, eventually, society. We're here to support them in any way we can. Because zero isn't just a number to us. It's an ambition. A work in progress. Something that reminds us that whatever we do, we do it with conviction. Pride. Responsibility. Know-how. Leading as one. If anything, our company culture is the key to our success.

Ensuring wellbeing at work

At Umicore, we promote our people's professional, physical, mental and social wellbeing through transparency, employee engagement and prevention programs and regular assessments. We provide training for all managers and supervisors, physical health programs for all employees, and a sense of belonging for all employees. We aim for zero work-related adverse health effects.  

Zero work-related adverse health effects

Zero work-related injuries

Health and safety come first; everything else comes second. By adopting a visible and felt safety leadership coaching style to change behavior and mindset, we aim for zero work-related injuries. By establishing a positive, inclusive, connected and empowering caring culture, we set forward to safeguard the wellbeing and vitality of our employees.

Zero work-related injuries

Process safety

We are further rolling out the internal Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) leader training program to increase and secure process safety knowledge and expertise while improving both the quantity and quality of process risk assessments.

No excess exposure

We are leading the industry by setting voluntary, science-based targets for potentially hazardous exposure to metals that are more stringent than legal requirements, where relevant. At Umicore, our efforts to eliminate occupational-related health risks continue. While we continue to roll out enhanced solutions to prevent exposure, we also ensure that all employees with potential workplace exposure to metals are monitored by an occupational health program.

No excess exposure

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