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Ronja Brade

Chemical laboratory assistant
Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany
Automotive Catalysts
"Umicore offers you the opportunity to grow with new challenges."

Can you describe your role/position at Umicore?

I create washcoats and apply them to the substrates. Therefore my tasks are preparation and execution of routine analyses, preparative work according to routine methods, validation processes and the necessary documentation of the corresponding tasks.

What do you like about your job?

Together with my colleagues, I am advancing the development and research of catalytic converters.

What do you like about working at Umicore?

Umicore offers you the opportunity to grow with new challenges. You're never on your own when you're faced with a challenge and you can always rely on your colleagues.

Why did you want to work at Umicore?

During my apprenticeship to become a chemistry lab technician, I worked in several Umicore departments. During this time, I got to know many nice colleagues and I enjoyed working with them. I felt comfortable and in good hands.

What do you look forward to when you set off to work in the morning?

For me it is important to work in a pleasant environment. But I also look forward to working with my colleagues, because you can achieve more as a team.

What has been the highlight of your time at Umicore so far?

During my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to work at our sites in Rheinfelden and Bad Säckingen and I even got to participate in a team event there. Another highlight was that I passed my final exam and that Umicore offered me a job.

Any advice for newcomers?

You should be open with people. Of course, everyone is a little more reserved in the beginning, but that settles with time. Every person I've met at Umicore has welcomed me kindly.

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