Environmental Impact

We’re a global company with a global footprint. We’re growing and we’re determined to reduce the impact of our operations on natural capital, pushing our own limits to find innovative ways to protect land, water and air. We’re talking emission reductions, water & resource efficiency, good neighbor policies at all our facilities and understanding the impact of our operations on biodiversity.

The circular/closed loop business model is at the heart of our business, tackling the growing demand for nature's precious resources. We focus on protecting these resources while creating materials for a better life. This combination makes Umicore a Sustainability Champion.

Managing all our emissions

We’re committed to continuous improvement of all our emissions, by focusing on maximizing technological and process solutions to minimize our impact. Beyond GHG emissions and beyond our continuous improvement on metal emissions, we are also committing to reduce diffuse emissions (emissions that originate from a non-point source, such as from dust when handling raw materials). We aim to reduce our diffuse emissions by 25% by 2025. 

Reduce our diffuse emissions by 25% by 2025

Water Stewardship

Minimizing our impact on water is essential to our Zero Harm ambition. To this end, Umicore has set out to implement a water stewardship program for all industrial activities facing water stress. The program focuses on two main objectives: raising global awareness about water sustainability and addressing local water risks where they exist. 

Implement water stewardship program for all industrial activities facing water stress

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Our Let’s Go for Zero sustainability ambitions include bold targets relating to the impact our operations have on the environment and society, with a pillar devoted to ‘Zero Harm’. As well as ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our people, Zero Harm is focused on caring for our neighbors and the biodiversity in and around our sites.

Early in 2022, we initiated a process to integrate Zero Harm into our business with a focus on biodiversity. Our first-ever global biodiversity impact analysis was launched to evaluate potential biodiversity hazards at our sites, recognize areas where we can make a beneficial contribution to nature, and create a framework for developing a comprehensive biodiversity action plan.

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