Data per share

Key figures per shareH2H2FYFY
(in € / share)2021202220212022
Total number of issued shares, end of period246,400,000246,400,000246,400,000246,400,000
of which shares outstanding241,199,005240,200,659241,199,005240,200,659
of which treasury shares5,200,9956,199,3415,200,9956,199,341
Average number of shares outstanding
Adjusted EPS - basic0.991.132.772.47
Basic EPS0.911.092.572.37
Diluted EPS0.901.092.562.37
Dividend payout0.250.250.750.80
Net cash flow before financing, basic0.82-0.323.270.64
Total assets, end of period37.5041.3937.5041.39
Group shareholders' equity, end of period12.9114.6412.9114.64

* The Supervisory Board will propose a gross annual dividend for the financial year 2022 of € 0.80 per share at the Annual General Meeting on 27 April 2023. Taking into account the interim dividend of € 0.25 per share paid out on 23 August 2022, a gross amount of € 0.55 per share would be paid out in May 2023 after shareholder approval.

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Caroline Kerremans

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Adrien Raicher

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