Data per share

Key figures per shareH1H2H1
(in € / share)202120212022
Total number of issued shares, end of period246,400,000246,400,000246,400,000
of which shares outstanding240,576,230241,199,005240,098,575
of which treasury shares5,823,7705,200,9956,301,425
Average number of shares outstanding
Adjusted EPS1.780.991.34
Basic EPS1.660.911.28
Diluted EPS1.650.901.28
Dividend payout0.500.250.55
Net cash flow before financing, basic2.450.820.95
Total assets, end of period38.9337.5042.73
Group shareholders' equity, end of period11.9812.9114.20

* The Supervisory Board proposed a gross annual dividend for the financial year 2021 of € 0.80 per share at the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2022. Taking into account the interim dividend of € 0.25 per share paid out on 24 August 2021, a gross amount of € 0.55 per share was paid out on 4 May 2022 after shareholder approval.

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Eva Behaeghe

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Adrien Raicher

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