Analyst research and consensus

Broker Analyst Current  Date


Mutlu Gundogan Sell 17/06/2020
Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Jean-Baptiste Rolland Buy 30/06/2020
Barclays Alex Stewart Underweight 30/04/2020
Berenberg Sebastian Bray Buy  01/05/2020
Bernstein Gunther Zechman Marketperform 04/05/2020
Citigroup Mubasher Chaudhry Neutral  15/06/2020
Credit Suisse Charles Bentley Underperform  16/06/2020
Degroof Petercam Nathalie Debruyne Hold 16/06/2020
Deutsche Bank Robin Draeger Hold 30/06/2020
Equita SIM Massimo Bonisoli Hold 05/06/2020
Exane BNP Paribas Nicola Tang Neutral 16/06/2020
Goldman Sachs Georgina Iwamoto Buy  22/05/2020
HSBC Martin Evans Hold  02/04/2020
ING Stijn Demeester Hold  16/06/2020
Investec Marc Elliott Hold 18/02/2020
JP Morgan Chetan Udeshi Underweight 29/06/2020
KBC Wim Hoste Hold  08/07/2020
Kepler Chevreux Peter Olofsen Reduce  15/06/2020
Liberum Adam Collins Buy  15/06/2020
Macquarie James Knight Neutral 14/08/2019
Morgan Stanley Charles Webb Underweight  15/06/2020
Redburn Partners Ranulf Orr Buy  02/07/2020
UBS Geoff Haire Sell 17/06/2020

Umicore is covered by various financial analysts, who provide their own research analyses and earnings estimates in respect of the company, independently from Umicore.