• Umicore Capital Markets Day 2022

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  • Umicore launches “Umicore 2030 - RISE”, its new strategic plan designed to accelerate value creative growth

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  • Umicore 2030 - RISE strategy

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Materials for a better life

Umicore is a leading circular materials technology company with an extensive expertise in the fields of material science, chemistry and metallurgy. Our overriding goal of sustainable value creation is based on the ambition to develop, produce and recycle materials in a way that fulfils our mission: "materials for a better life". Which is why we are now more than ever determined to leverage our unique position and mutually reinforcing portfolio of activities to accelerate the global transformation of mobility, respond to the growing need for advanced materials, and contribute to the pursuit of a global circular economy.

We RISE today to transform tomorrow. 

Between now and 2030, our ambition is to be a true transformation partner for our customers, guiding them on their journey towards sustainability and circularity.

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