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Supervision and compliance

Regulatory supervision

As an issuer of listed securities, Umicore is subject to the listing requirements of Euronext Brussels. In Belgium it is also subject to supervision by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

Statutory auditor

Umicore has a specific policy regarding the independence of the company auditor. This policy outlines duties and responsibilities of the company and the auditor regarding independence, the exclusion of certain non-audit services and the monitoring of auditor remuneration.

At the annual shareholders’ meeting held on 29 April 2021, EY Bedrijfsrevisoren BV / EY Réviseurs d’Entreprises SRL was appointed statutory auditor for a renewable period of 3 years. The statutory auditor is represented by Marnix Van Dooren & C° BV/SRL, itself represented by Marnix Van Dooren, and Eef Naessens BV/SRL, itself represented by Eef Naessens for the exercise of this mandate.

Code of Conduct

Umicore operates a Code of Conduct for all employees, representatives and Board members. This Code is fundamental to the task of creating and maintaining a relation of trust and professionalism with its main stakeholders namely its employees, commercial partners, shareholders, government authorities and the public.

The main purpose of Umicore’s Code of Conduct is to ensure that all persons acting on behalf of Umicore perform their activities in an ethical way and in accordance with the laws and regulations and with the standards Umicore sets through its present and future policies, guidelines and rules.

Annex 5 of Umicore’s Corporate Governance Charter contains a specific policy related to the application of Belgian legislation regarding market manipulation and insider trading.