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Continued improvements and green zone to allow for sustainable co-existence between the Hoboken site and its neighbors

The Umicore site in Hoboken is one of the world’s largest precious metals refiners. Managing the risks associated with metals processed in its flowsheet has always been a priority. 

Umicore has already made significant environmental improvement over the last 40 years and continues to invest € 25 million per annum to further improve its environmental performance. Despite the positive progress in lead and cadmium emissions, there is still clear improvement to be made in the area of arsenic and lead in coarse dust. 

Umicore works closely with the authorities for both short-term initiatives and long-term structural solutions as we are determined to further decrease the impact of our industrial activities.

“Minimizing the impact on our surroundings in Hoboken has been our absolute priority for many years - especially in view of the potential impact on the children living in the neighborhood. Very significant progress has been made thanks to considerable investments. More remains to be done and we commit to make every reasonable effort to further reduce impacts.

At the same time, we are offering families with children in the vicinity the possibility to sell their houses at attractive prices, so that we can create a green buffer zone. I’m convinced that the combination of our continued improvements and the green zone will result in a solution that allows for sustainable co-existence of both an important industry and its neighbors.”

Marc Grynberg, CEO Umicore